About us

Once upon a time there was an e commerce enthusiast with a passion for interior design, Hanna. She dreamed about big paintings that would complement her home decor. With inspiration from her far more experienced artist mother, Maria, she started painting nonfigurative paintings. 

They both shared the love for beautiful buildings and design in general. Maria being an architectural conservator had a lot of knowledge and perspectives on the topic. It all started when Maria gave Hanna a facade painting of Hanna’s much loved home which was drawn and built in 1895. Everyone that visited the apartment said something about the poster. 

Turn of the century ceilings and dreamy creamy Parisian facades made us think of Stucco. A very commonly used Swedish word by the duo, ”Stuckatur”, might have triggered the choice of name as well. And so, Stucco Paper was born. 

 Stucco Paper is a Swedish company, all of our posters are made in Sweden.